Sunday, May 10, 2009

{ A Double Celebration }

: Happy Mother's Day ::
We not only celebrated that around here today but also Denay's 10 month birthday.
Enjoy some recent pictures of our ever-growing Princess......
I took these Friday night when Opa babysat while Mom went to a card-making party. Next time I'm at my parent's place I'm going to scan in a picture taken of my brother and I on the same mower when we were little.
One of my mom's dogs just had puppies last Thursday and Denay was getting acquainted.
She continues to grow and has a few news 'tricks' if you will........
-when she is standing or on her knees she likes to bounce up and down like she's dancing
-she can say da-da, mum-mum and her newest is nan-nan
-is easily furniture walking and has started free standing but has yet to take a step
-no more new teeth yet
-can climb up and downstairs (with close supervision of course) and has almost figured out that she can't turn around and sit down
-loves to wave at everyone and will mimick you if you pat the counter she will do the same
-loves being read to and playing with her ball
This girl just loves being out and about people and the attention she gets. She will actually stare at people and smile until they see her and smile back.
Trevor took this one this morning on our way to and my girly.
We enjoyed church, came home and played with the baby and are relaxing watching CSI: Miami boxset. I was delighted to open this after getting out of bed this morning......
The newest (New York Times Bestsellers list maker) book from my favourite author Ted Dekker......I'd seen it at Walmart and managed to refrain from buying it since I have lots of other books I can read.

We are gearing up for a four day camping trip to Tofino with about 20 friends and their kids this weekend and a great new book is just the ticket. My hubby's got something else planned tonight after which we are hunkering down again here with two other couples to watch the season finale of The Amazing Race.

Hope you all had a great weekend and all you mom's were appreciated today!


susan said...

Happy Mother's Day Christy!
The picture of you & Denay is beautiful!

Joanne said...

Happy Mother's Day, Hon....hope you had a wonderful day! Love you tons

Laura said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Denay looks so CUTE in that pic - LOVE her outfit! (You look great too ;) )