Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{ Tofino Road Trip }

Well ya'll, we're back and I'm still busy trying to wash the campfire smell out of, well, everything.
The weather forecast was less than favourable but it only rained during the night and for less than an hour one was far from warm but we were grateful for dry!

:: Yes, Denay had just been crying when I took this picture..... ::

:: We left at 10:00 and arrived around 3:00 and Denay did so well....she did have some babysitters in the back seat though ::

:: We hit up Long Beach on Saturday morning ::
:: Some family shots ::
: We jumped over to Chesterman Beach to meet up with the other half of our group for some Bocce Ball.....Denay loved the sand (see lower left hand corner) ::
:: Great story behind this......we brought Pilsbury cinnamon buns for breakfast and were waiting for the oven to heat up and had Denay in her seat and the buns in the pan on the table. We were both outside for just a minute and I came back in to find this......
.....our little monkey had climbed out of her seat, onto the table and right into the pan of unbaked cinnamon buns. And what's the first thing this momma does? Grab her camera and yell for daddy to come look! She wasn't too happy when we took it away though ;)

:: Football on the beach (my team beat Trevor's team, cough) and campfires.....I love camping! ::
:: We went exploring on Sunday and found a great lookout where all I did was take pictures of Denay ::
:: Denay was not pleased when I wouldn't let her have any more of my ice cream cone......there's also a great story behind the patio lights in the bottom right corner. My parents bought a set of these way back when in the States and ever since I can remember they've been strung up when we went when we got a trailer of our own, yours truly was scouring Ebay for my very own set and was lucky enough to find some! I got teased that they looked like granny lights but they are very sentimental to me....... ::
:: We also made a stop in Catherdral Grove on our way the picture of Trevor on the left, the tree he is standing in front of, is 76 meters tall ::
woah- Picture overload......anyways, we had a great time and I think the overall consensus was to make it annual!

Our next camping trip will be this summer for two weeks at Quadra island and I'm counting down the days already.....

Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend.......until next time.


Nancy said...

Well looks like you had a fabulous time....cannot wait for quadra...wahoooooooooooo

Crystal said...

Looks like a great trip! Got to love annual events, you guys will be able to build so many memmories as a family, so special!

Cathy said...

Looks like a beautiful long weekend. Your photos look great!

Joanne said...

What a great the photos, and hmmm....sounds like there's a baker up and coming in the family?! You go, girlie....after all, you are the Princess!!

susan said...

Beautiful pictures -looks like a great time!
By the way...I LOVE your "granny" lights - super cute! :-)