Monday, May 4, 2009

{ Happy Monday }

:: I hope you had a fabby weekend ::
We easily managed to keep ourselves busy for sure but had a very relaxing Sunday!
You all are welcome to read and enjoy but this post is especially for Denay's Grammie and Grampy because it's packed full of recent pictures of you know who.
:: Denay is waving all the way across the ocean ::
:: At daddy's football game on Friday night....we cheer and say "Yay!" and Denay throws her hands way in the air ::
:: Sweet sleeping there anything more precious? ::
:: These were taken yesterday at church. We've been waiting for all our girlies to get big enough to fit into the matching shirts we bought them. From left to right it's Michal (22 months), Denay (almost 10 months), Adaiah (5 months) and Evolette (Michal's sister, almost three months)

It is my prayer that in 20ish years these pictures will show up at our babies weddings and they will all be in each others bridal parties and take pictures of their babies together. calls. I've still got a little bit of news to post on from as far back as a few weeks but here's hoping the weather will be lovely this week and I'll be spending more time outdoors than in :)

Smooches G&G......Denay (and her mom and dad too) love you!


Ashley Kitchen said...

awww such precious pictures! That would be amazing... to have the girls grow up so close in age.

Laura said...

Oh, she is so sweet! She looks like such a joyful girl :)

Joanne said...

Oh, she's such a cute, wee punkin! Makes me cry....she's so unchable!! Thanks for the pics...hope to cuddle her real soon! Love u 3!

The Samy's said...

Your pictures are beautiful Christy! I guess it helps when you have the sweetest little girl to photograph!

Crystal said...

Such a blessing to having the community of momma's a little princesses...I love it!!!