Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{ Almost There }

a face only a mother could love, hey? well, maybe not really.

This little gaffer turns 11-months-old today!

So, you ask, what new things is Denay up to? She is......

  • getting very comfortable free-standing and can walk while holding just one hand but hasn't really taken that first step
  • she's started mimicking and will clap
  • she waves "hi" and "bye" and points
  • she is doing all sorts of new things with the mouth and tongue
  • she has such an incredibly feisty, bubbly, center-of-attention personality (wonder where she gets that from) and is constantly drawing strangers to her
  • she started "dancing" a little while ago but now she really responds to music and enjoys moving to it
  • she loves the water and we make two or three trips to the lake a week and she walks right in

I know this is so cliche but I am trulFont sizey astonished how quickly the (almost) year has flown by and that I will be putting on a one year birthday party for my little baby in just one short month. It has been such a delight walking this crazy journey with such a beautiful and radiant little gal.

Certainly hope ya'll have had a good week thus far.......all you creative types, send artsy thoughts my way as tomorrow night I'm taking the first plunge into scrapbooking. I will try and update my progress but we are heading east on a boat on Friday so it will probably be next week!

Love Love!


susan said...

My advice with the scrapbooking is start small...don't go all crazy, it can get overwhelming & your options are endless with all the supplies & layouts you can do...go slow...and have FUN!

LOVE the picture of, she's so dang cute! I want our girls to meet one day - wouldn't that be awesome. :-)

Joanne said...

Oh, what a dollie...can't wait to give her you...thanks for posting a pic...just checked before we pack up for the airport....made my day!

Laura said...

I think many people could love that face... and do!
Yes, shocking that she's outgoing... based on not only her mommy but her daddy's side too! ;)