Monday, June 29, 2009

{ Ta DAAA!!! }

For all ya'll Facebook friends of mine that got my blog site off of my status comment (and it's your first time here), welcome, welcome!
And to all my faithfuls, good to "see" you too, I'm afraid it's been too long!
I didn't find out until after my hair appointment today with my guru Jen, that I hadn't had a haircut since JANUARY. Yikes, is a ridiculous understatement.
I forgot, in all my scatterbrained glory, to take a before photo today so this one is from our trip to the mainland two weeks ago.
:: BEFORE ::
:: AFTER ::
Ummm, so I feel a tiny bit better.
I swear I feel like a new women every time I get up from that chair! If any readers from around these parts need a recommendation for a stylist, I got one for you.
The jury (aka my indecisive self) has yet to come to a verdict on whether or not to dye it.
I know, at this moment, the vast majority of you are screaming at your computer monitors, "Why would you ever dye that natural color?!? People PAY for that color".....well, I guess the grass is always greener, right? I'm the type of person who needs things tossed around and mixed up every now and again (hence the tattoos and piercings) and sometimes just a cut doesn't make me feel, well, tossed enough. Problem being, that even though I use a non-permanent dye, because my hair is light and very virgin to color, the dye stains my hair and it basically grows out like a permanent color. So I' m thinking of going with a light golden brown so it won't be such a painful grow-out.
But fear not, dear friends, should I choose to dive into the dying adventure, you'll be the first to know!
:: :: :: ::
As far as my ALMOST-ONE-YEAR-OLD whippersnapper goes, she has discovered her walker (and how to turn it around) and buzzes all over the place and gets quite mad when she gets stuck!
The 1rst birthday preparations have begun and I'm getting so excited to have lots of family and friends come over to just hang out and fellowship. There's nothing I love more than a big party and lots of people around me!
Anyways, I'm going to take the newly-tossed me and sit my butt on the floor and play with my kidlet!
XOXO....until next time.


Meg Baxter said...

Case in point: I was just going to ask what colour you got your hair dyed. :oP I want to get mine as close to my natural colour, which was exactly like yours as a kid but has gotten mousy as I age AND because I've dyed it since I was 13 (!). The grass may be greener but it will never be the same again if you dye it, Christy. I say DON'T DO IT! And you'll be happy you refrained when you're 35 or 40 and you can wear your greys with pride instead of having a line of grey roots like most women.

I may just take your pic to my stylist when I get the final, pre-baby dye, to say, "I want colour like HERS!" Is that ok with you? :)

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Ooooh I used to dye me hair ALL the time and LOVED it. But now I'm all anal about chemicals and just can't do it. You have the most beautiful hair...BUT hair grows back and it's just so much fun. I say do it, if you don't like it it will fade and grow and your real hair will be back in no time!

Joanne said...

Great cut, hon! You always look terrific, but I know it's always nice to change it up. So looking forward to the weekend....all loyal subjects have been called together in the kingdom to celebrate the princess...can't wait!!

Jason and Kristin said...

Hey Christy! I think your hair looks AWESOME! So you!
And I love the colour! I think its amazing. You are so lucky!

Laura said...

I'm with Meghan... don't do it! You have such a pretty natural colour, and it suits you :) Roots are SUCH a royal pain! I do hear ya though, about wanting change. May I say though (with love, of course!) that your natural colour is much more interesting than light brown? Just my opinion... ;)
I'm glad you feel like a new woman! Isn't getting your hair done such a treat? I love it! :)

Loni said...

Love the cut Christy!! Looks fantastic :)

susan said...

LOVE the cut, you look great. As far as colour, you have a beautiful colour already - and it suits you. But I totally get the need to colour & cut - I LOVE to change it up. Speaking of, I will be doing so on Saturday...I have been colouring for years & yes, I will be one of those who won't be wearing my grey's with pride, I'll be doing the root thing...BUT I sure hope when I lose my mind my daughter will take it upon herself to keep her mother's roots in check...that and those pesky chin hairs...that I SO don't have!!) :-)

Nat said...

Love the new do Christy! I'm with the others though - don't dye it!! Your natural hair colour is fantastic. :o)