Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Second post of the day....yes, I know.
Just wanted to be faithful to my loyal readers and give an update on how today's Mom's Luncheon went.......
Well, let me set the scene, okay?
We live in a 15 year old, end unit townhouse with 1198 square feet up and down (which leaves a little less than 600 square feet of space on the main level), a 350 square foot deck and about 700 square feet (nice, I know) of fenced off lawn.
Couple that with, get this, 19 moms and 27 children all between the ages of four and two weeks and we had an amazingly crazy and wonderful afternoon full of chins dripping with watermelon juice and kids, fresh from the sprinkler, dripping in water.
I was so overwhelmed not only with all the people that actually wanted to come over, but also with the need for a time and place for moms to fellowship and encourage one another.
This mamma was so busy keeping everything in order I took a grand total of zero pictures. I had high and lofty hopes to get a group shot......just let me know when you've stopped snorting and laughing hysterically............done? Good.
There was even a couple moms who came, one who isn't saved and one who I used to be best friends with who has fallen away from the Lord, and I just watched all my MOPS friends surround them and include them and minister to them.
I'm totally exhausted but I've said before that the exhaustion that comes with being surrounded by and serving my family in Christ is the best tired there is.
Denay was a trooper! One mum brought a blowup pool and I plopped Denay in it and she sat there for almost an hour just watching the other kids run around and playing with her ball. She's really turned into a very good baby and watching her change so much the past few weeks is a true honor.
I if today wasn't enough running around, we're taking our munchkin for some family time at the pool.
Remember friends, lots of fluids in this awesome summer weather!
God Bless!


Jason and Kristin said...

That's a lot of people in a small space! Good for you - sounds like it was lots of fun!
I love the pics on your previous post too! Super cute!

Joanne said...

So glad it went so well are VERY brave! Love that you are a part of such a wonderful support group. You might not ever know exactly how much good it is doing, but be assured that God is using all of you for His purpose in each others lives. This is the stuff six-paks are made of.

Anita said...

Just got caught up on some of your blog posts... nice photos btw, I'm getting a new fancy schmancy camera this month too! I'll post about it when it happens ;)

You are a brave woman having so many kidlets over! I've wanted to host mom's groups here in the past, but with Jordan working at home and his office being on our main floor it doesn't work out so well.

Thanks for the updates!

The Samy's said...

WOW! Christy, that was so great of you to host all those ladies and children at your house. I pray that the Lord uses you in ways that we can't imagine and that the ladies and children who don't know that Lord will come to know the Lord because of Christ in YOU! Such a sweet Picture of Denay and her daddy on a picnic!