Monday, June 1, 2009

{ Monday's Random Ramblings }

Hey ya'll, is it hot enough for ya?!?
No, no.....this girl isn't complaining. Closed blinds and windows on the main floor and a never-turned-off air conditioner upstairs keeps us very comfy.
:: This week is adding up to be a busy one. I get to babysit a very special little girl tomorrow morning and spend the afternoon with a very special and very pregnant friend ::
:: I'm also gearing up to host a luncheon on Wednesday afternoon for about 20 moms. Our church mom's group MOPS, finished for the year a few weeks ago we were really wanting to maintain our relationships and blanket of support. I'm a little (alot) excited and can't wait for the middle of the week to roll around! ::
:: I do realize I run the risk of raising a few eyebrows again like I'm sure I did in this post but I've got to know if I'm alone. So you're driving and coming up to an intersection with a set of train tracks. Most intersections have enough room for one car in between the tracks and the stop line for the intersection, then all the other cars are supposed to stop before the train tracks at the crossing arm. Whether I'm stopped at the light or stopped at the crossing arms, is it warped that I get a little satisfaction watching the people parked directly on the tracks fervently looking from left to right checking for a train while they get as close as they are physically able to the car parked at the light so they're off the tracks as much as possible? There's almost something satisfying about seeing people squirm at a situation they put themselves in. So if you're parked on the railway tracks and have a blue SUV parked behind you, and the driver is snickering, it might just be me ::
:: Anyways.....I've got to get my baby up but please check back tomorrow when I will update you on another life "to-do" list item getting checked off ::
Happy Monday Friends

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