Friday, June 19, 2009

:: Friday Newscast ::

We have had an eventful little while around here.....
Last week Denay and I had our last Roots Of Empathy day. There was cake, and the kids even broke out into a round of "Happy Birthday" for Denay since they won't see her on her birthday.
I'm also thrilled because the kids wanted me to come back again outside of ROE to hang out with them before school's over and I can't wait!
Then on the weekend we shipped across the water to visit Trev's family and celebrate Jacob's 3rd birthday.....enjoy some snapits of the very fun day!
My SIL Shawna is a fabulously talented cake-maker/decorator and did up this completely adorable and oh-so-Jacob train cake. You can visit her website here.
Jacob diving into his cupcake.....
Denay had a blast with this little car. She would stand on the seat and hold on the the frame and I pushed her all over the lawn. She also liked playing with her cousins!
Lining the kidlets up for a cousin shot. These of three of about 20 I snapped trying to get one good one.....and of course an ever growing family picture down at the bottom.
This is what I am MOST excited about! A good friend of mine and myself have been collecting scrapbooking supplies together (to bring down cost) and got together a couple week ago and had our very first night. All I managed to get done in two hours was the picture window (in the top left corner0. Sad, I know. But then last night we got together again I managed to complete two pages that I fell in love with all over again when I looked at them this morning.
I was also getting a little frustrated with trying to transport all the paper and stamps and stickers and pictures and since there is no room in our budget for anything but food buying an organizer was out of the question. I vaguely remember having a laptop bag some time ago so I raided my spare room closet and found it and it fits all of my stuff perfectly!
I will be sure to keep updating with my continued progress......have a fabulous (but supposed to be rainy) weekend and Father's Day!


susan said...

Good for you to start scrapbooking & brilliant idea to share supplies with a friend!

Love the pictures.

Holly said...

The scrapbook looks great, Christy! It's definitely something Denay will be able to cherish when she gets older.

I'm liking the update on pictures, especially the ones with the push-car! My sister and I used to love ours (well.. hers).

Joanne said...

So great to have some time with you three....always love our times all together.

Crystal said...

That is such a great cake, looks like you guys had a blast!