Sunday, August 2, 2009

:: Getting Organized ::

A little over a month ago I had three girlfriends come over for a Creative Memories party. CM is a company that specializes in photo organization and storage as well and display and scrapbooking supplies. I had been so effectively keeping my photos in the bottom drawer of Denay's dresser where they were in desperate need of some serious sorting. I ended up buying a storage box that will fit up to 2400 pictures and comes with tabs for labelling.
Below is what my drawer of pictures looked like when I started.....
And voila! After a couple hours of sifting and sorting this is what the box looks like now.....
I didn't get quite as far as using the label cards yet but it just feels so good to get my pictures IN something!
Yahoo for getting organized!

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Amanda said...

I LOVE my CM photo boxes! Ihave the smaller ones b/c I like being able to just have one out while I scrapbook and it then doesn't take up that much space....but maybe the BIG one was too intimidating for me an I didn't want to admit I had that many pics to print and organize! haha!