Monday, August 17, 2009

:: Monday Good Morning ::

Happiest Monday Morning To Ya'll!
We arrived safely home Saturday afternoon after deciding we'd like one day to settle before it's back to the daily. I'm not quite caught up yet but I wanted to punch out a post to keep up......does anyone have ANY idea when the 30 Days Of Blogging Challenge is up????
Our trip was just what I needed. Our weather was mostly favourable and to be honest I didn't miss Facebook or Hotmail or even Blogger. I got a healthy dose of rest from all the things that I enjoy and realized it makes me enjoy those things more!
Here's a quicky collage of just a few shots from our getaway (click to enlarge).....
I'm going to do a more detailed post soon. We did lots of walking and lots of lounging, lots of boating and swimming and a lot of reading. I polished off the four book series I borrowed to last me the two weeks in six days and ended up borrowing the first book in another popular four book series to tide me over only to gobble that one down in 18 hours and buying the other three books on the island because I was hooked. Any guesses?
Denay took a tumble out of the trailer door onto the hard rough steps the first day we were there (see lower left photo) but was all healed up within a week.
We connected with some longtime family friends of Trevor's and spent the day at a fresh water lake with them.........enjoyed a pod of killer whales.........the list goes on.
For now I'm happy to be home and am trying to get on top of things and get up to date with all your lives!
Enjoy your Monday and what's promising to be a sunny warm week and I'll be back tomorrow with something (hopefully) interesting to read.


Laura said...

Welcome Home!
Were the books you were hooked on by Karen Kingsbury? I know I can't put her books down!! So good.
I'd love to know what they are, I'm always looking for a good book, and I love series! :)
Also... was it Lisa, Wes and the boys that you hooked up with? I saw that they were at the same place as you guys!

Crystal said...

Yah, what book series??? Welcome back, we missed you!

Joanne said...

So glad you had a great holiday...welcome home!