Monday, August 3, 2009

Mommy Alert :: Product Review

My girlfriend Nat had one these for her daughter and called me when she found a store in town that carried them.
It's called a Raz-Berry teether and Denay loves it.
It's a soother but instead of a smooth surface, the nipple is bumpy (like a raspberry) so is wonderful for a teething baby. They sell in a couple different colors and I of course got my girly a pink one! Denay has never cared for soothers but she chews on this one like no other. You can also freeze them for that extra bit of relief. This one was $10 after taxes but I'm sure big box stores may sell them for less.
I would highly recommend this for all you new momma's out there for whom the teething stage is soon to come.....


The Samy's said...

Where can I get one?

Amanda said...

Makena has one too. Hers is green and red. Every so often she'll find it and suck and chew the life out of it. She did that the other day and today I found she cut her fourth molar! It's a GREAT teether!