Friday, August 28, 2009

:: A Little Overdue ::

Well now that it's almost three weeks past (insert sheepish grin here) I thought it's high time for a 13-month-birthday post on my I'm starting to get threats from a certain grandparents across the water :)
Took these yesterday.....this girl l-o-v-e-s books. I'll notice she's gone really quiet and suddenly get worried as to what she's gotten into only to find her flipping through a book. I asked her to bring mamma her book and so she waddled down the hall, picked up her book and.....
What is she up to.....?
  • she has gotten very confident walking now and can walk on uneven ground and up and down small steps and ledges.
  • she has got four teeth (finally)
  • she says mama, daddee, oma and opa, up,
  • she just started shaking her head "no" the other day and will lean in if you ask for a kiss
  • like I said above, she totally loves books. I keep them for her all over....we've started looking through a huge cardboard book with picture of everything under the sun and she can point out the kitties and puppies
  • she weighs about 18 and a half pounds and still wears some of her 6 months clothes
  • as always, she is a bubbly and friendly as can be and loves to wave at everybody
  • she is always gabbing
  • she loves her daddy and has a breakdown every morning when he goes to work
  • I love her more everyday!
  • she still naps twice a day. The second mid-afternoon nap is more of a quiet time in the crib but every once and a while she sleeps a little

Though it sometimes comes with it's frustrations, I am so happy to be at home with her. To watch her see the world and grow and change has been life changing for me!

This week has really really flown by and I'm away all day tomorrow shooting my dear dear friend's wedding....I promise to get some new photos of her up soon.

We love you Grammie and Grampy!


Joanne said...

Oh,she has grown again...why are we always surprised?! Can't wait for next weekend!

Crystal said...

I love how itty bitty she still is though..she is so sweet;)