Wednesday, January 13, 2010

:: Checking In ::

I got one whole comment from a very lovely reader (thanks Laura, you made me feel special) wondering where I was, so, here I am.
We have been keeping on our toes around here without a doubt and I am full-time dependant on my dollar store day timer to keep me in line.
2010 brings with it many many exciting ventures and opportunitiess! The most exciting is that in just over a month I will be across the water with my church dance team for a week doing street ministry in the heart of Vancouver during the Olympics. This has been in the works since well before the summer and that it is just a month is hard to believe. We have the blessing of working with an organization called More Than Gold with many other artists from across Canada. Whew.....prayers welcome!
On top of that, I am counting down the days until Trevor and myself and two other couples leave for Varadero at the end of April. Ah, more on that later.
I have "resolved", if you will, to start scrapbooking again. I was meeting each week with a girlfriend during the summer and then fall hit and that quickly went by the wayside! But, with some new additions to my paper collection (thank you Susan!) I am fully re-inspired and determined not to fall any farther behind.
A certain dear friend of mine has gone back to work this past weekend and I have taken on a bunch of days in the next few months to watch her one-year-old daughter Abigail (whom Denay happens to love). I joked with my mom that I could run out to the store and leave them home because they clearly didn't care that I was even in the room! They played so well together it makes me want to have another baby.
Trevor is involved in leading a young adults bible study as well as with the media ministry at church and I'm looking forward to committing to fully to GEMS again after a busy end of 2009.
We had the pleasure of hosting Trevor's parents for the weekend and enjoyed lots of relaxing, eating and laughing. Denay got to show Grammie and Bobob her new room and swim with them at the pool!
Goodness! I think that it all....but what blog post would be complete without a Denay collage! Click to get a closer look
We're still learning lots of new words around here. I feel bad for the poor girl when she starts using a word I don't understand and she cries because I'm not doing what she wants!
I was at bible study tonight and she was playing on our pastor's daughter's leapfrog laptop. She was pressing the letter buttons and repeating the computer when it sounded out the different letter sounds.
Most days I'm pretty convinced she is smarter that me ;)
Anyways......busy day tomorrow, short night ahead. I'm off to bed wondering if I have more than one reader still with interested.....??


Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Yay I new post! I still stalk you Christy! Love your updates!

Laura said...

I'm glad you felt special! :) I didn't want to add pressure, so I'm glad you took my comment the way I intended :)
You are one busy lady! So exciting about the Olympics, WOW! What an opportunity, I'm sure it'll be an experience you'll never forget.
Denay just keeps getting cuter and cuter! What a doll :)

Crystal said...

I am still here:) Miss you around these parts!

Jessi said...

I'm intersted! I check here daily to see any new news...that's awesome about the street ministry you'll be doing with your church! And Denay...she just gets more and more beautiful every day! Great to hear from you...busy girl!

Jason and Kristin said...

Great post Christy! You have one beautiful little girl, seriously!

Amanda said...

I have not been on ANYONE'S blogs in so long and I feel so bad! I hadn't blogged myself in ages and have managed to doa couple posts! haha! SO....I am going to 'catch-up' with you here but please don't be offended if I don't comment. I ahve a lot of others to do the same with! Haha! <3

Joanne said...

Thanks for the great time on the weekend....we had such a good time with all three of you bunches!

Anita Grace said...

I can tell your photography is getting better... it was awesome to begin with, but as you know we all have room to grow! Denay is blessed to have a momma who loves to snap photos... I'm the same way with our boys!