Monday, January 25, 2010

{It's Spring, Right?}

Anybody know of a good internal clock repairman?

I'm pretty sure mine is broken. Really broken.

It seems I've completely skipped winter and jumped head first into Spring.

Now that we've finished Denay's room, a sort of snowball effect has occurred that's got me cleaning and sorting and organizing and scrubbing and painting and every other sort of activity usually associated with Spring Cleaning.

All it takes is one sunny day and I set into a flurry of, well, cleaning in all shapes and forms.
Anyways, other than that, I have nothing exciting or interesting to write about so I think I'll be drawing this post to a close now.
Just know now, that you never need to wonder again what's keeping me from my blog. You can pretty much always assume that I've come down with another serious case of the project creeps.
On another note, please pop on over to my photography blog as there are some seriously exciting and cool things happening over there!
Happy Hump Day!


Jessi said...

I know what you mean Christy! I've been purging/organizing/painting and rearranging our entire basement level. It feels so good to declutter and hopefully soon the playroom will be completed so the kids can actually "play" in it!

Laura said...

I wish you lived closer and could use a little of that cleaning motivation on our new house! Everywhere I look there's something to be unpacked and organized... it's quite overwhelming! I'm waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in... I sure need it! :)
I'm sure your place looks amazing! Feels good to have it all clean, hey?