Friday, January 15, 2010

:: Making Old Things New ::

When Trevor's parents came to visit on the weekend, they brought with them a couple pieces of much awaited furniture. One was a big-girl bed that will stay in the shed for a little while longer and the other was a very special, well-used dresser. Special because this dainty and fragile piece of furniture was purchased for a then seven-year-old little girl named Rose in 1927. Yep, you counted right, it's 83-years-old. It belonged to Trevor's Gramma, was passed through all three of her sons, then handed down to all three of her youngest son's (Trevor's dad) children and now we have the privilege of having it in our home.
As is obvious from the before shot, it was looking it's age just a little. But a coat of primer and a handful of coats of white paint later, and this heirloom is ready for another few years and children!
You can sort of see in my post here the large bulky dresser that we were using. I was moderately concerned about going from a large, six-drawer dresser to a petite three-drawer dresser but it is impressively roomy and I managed to get almost all her clothes in to it.
We're going to Home Depot tomorrow to find the perfect pulls for the drawers and then it will be done.
The best part about this little project? Since the dresser was a hand-me-down and I just used the paint and primer I had left over from Denay's room, it was completely free! Between that, and the nostalgic nature of the dresser, it makes for one sweet addition to my little princesses room.


Nancy said...

Christy...the dresser looks awesome....I can see a few more items that are full of the "nostalgia". You have made her room soo very very for a princess!!!!

susan said...

Looks beautiful! And I love the fact that it's been passed down through the family!

Jacklyn said...

CHRISTY!!! at pharmasave in mill bay they have beautiful drawer pulls that look like big jewels in all different colours. They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!!

Joanne said...

You've done the history proud, looks amazing!

Anita Grace said...

LOVE this! As she grows up, she'll have a little vanity dresser top too.