Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Own "Julie & Julia " Project

As a buffer for this post, I'd like to say that I make a point not to make New Year's Resolutions. I believe, as a sinner redeemed by the blood of Christ, that God's mercies are new every morning and each day I start fresh with Him.
This decision was an accumulation of feeling inadequate in the dinner-making department. I'll certainly freely admit that I don't really love cooking supper most nights. Cooking was not something I did often growing up and never really took to it.
This was really an area that I felt I could be serving my family better, so one afternoon last week I sat down while Denay was napping, and made a list of relatively simple (some more so than others) but hearty meals. It's been almost two weeks and I've managed to cook something different for dinner each night. And yes ladies, I'll confess, that that is slightly uncommon in this house for a two week period.
I've always found that even though I buy random ingredients with the best intentions to use them, I forget about them and food goes bad without being used. So each day, I decide what I want to make for dinner, then I go and buy only what I need. I know it may sound wasteful in the time department but I've found that it's been the best method for me right now as I buy in smaller quantities and nothing goes to waste which saves us moolah.
So here's run down on what we've consumed, in no particular order:
Pot Roast w/ yams and asparagus
Chicken and Dumplings (my favourite thing to eat ever) with zucchini
Macaroni and Cheese (homemade of course)
Steak w/ rice and peas
Perogies and Caesar salad
Chicken Enchiladas w/ cold veggies
Tuna Melts
Chicken strips and fries
Mushroom soup w/ fresh bun and cheese
So I still have a few things yet to make but the more I "cook", simple or not, the more confident I feel and the more I realize that making dinner isn't quite the ordeal I'd made it out to be.
Maybe I should start a separate blog and get a movie deal out of it......


Crystal said...

Good for you! The more you do it the easier it becomes:) I meal plan and I find that it really helps in the money and time department:) Than you don't have to rack your brain every night of what to make! keep it up!!

Laura said...

Sounds great, Christy! Way to go :) That's an area I really want to improve on too - meal planning! Saves time, energy and money and it's bound to be more healthy. Thanks for listing what you had, I like new ideas! :)

Amanda gave me a paper pad that is specifically for meal planning, I can't wait to move into our house and start using it! So maybe that would help? It's super cute too, to have on your fridge :)

Joanne said...

I was served the roast beef dinner....very delish! And the mac and cheese....I must say the VERY best really should share the recipe, it really is THE BEST!

A friend gave me this advise that really does work....always take out the meat intended for dinner first thing in the will save you scrambling for something to make at 5 pm. It does help to have a plan.

You go're doing a marvelous job!

Nancy said...

Christy....I was on the receiving end of the Enchilladas on thursday nite...and they where spectacular. You go girl!!!!!

Anita Grace said...

You should get the cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks (or just check out her website) Ree Drummond is her name, I may have spelt it wrong.

Anyway, she's got some really good basic homey recipes, but they just taste SO good! Plus, she's quite funny to read along with :)