Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Had To Share

So ever since I've been married, I've been on the hunt for the perfect cookie jar. Something unique and cute and fun. Yet it goes without saying that I'm still without one.
Tuesday night is usually a night in around here so with Olympics reruns on the tube and the baby in bed I turned to the one place I know, would have just what I was looking for. Etsy.
Within 30 seconds I found this perfect hand poured and fired cupcake cookie jar.
They have a slew of different colors that you can check out here.
The very serious problem is the price.....ouch. Alas.
Maybe I'll put in on my Christmas list for next year.


Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

The shipping is always the real deal breaker. I just bought too much off Etsy the other day and oh the shipping!!!

Nat said...

love it!

Amanda said...

Super cute - but ya - OUCH!!