Tuesday, February 2, 2010

:: Norwex Believer ::

Okay, so this may be old news to lots of you, but I still had to share my excitement about a new-to-me company.
Norwex. Cleaning without chemicals.
My girlfriend hosted a party a couple weeks ago and I was slowly able to get over the price tags of their products once I started to hear more and more about the (obvious) benefits of natural home care. I got my items today and it didn't take long before I was cleaning, with just water!
Antibac Window and Polishing Cloth

Antibac Enviro Cloth
Scrub Cloth
Laundry Detergent

Thus far and I extremely pleased. The scrub cloth cleans stuck on stuff without scratching and I love that the window and enviro cloths have silver woven into the fabric acting as a natural antibacterial agent. No more stinky dish cloths!
I am current running a wash with the detergent and am interested to see if it work just as well as everything else.
I am in love! It was a hard cost up front, but knowing I don't need chemicals anymore very much makes it worth it in the long run.
Anybody feel like recommending their favourite Norwex product?


Meg Baxter said...

Ugh, I LOVE my Norwex stuff! I only became a believer a couple of months ago myself :) but the only thing I still use household-type cleaners for is Comet in the toilets (I just need to know it's sterile, y'know?). My fave Norwex product is the dusting mitt. Because I hate dusting SO MUCH, it takes all the work out of it. Just slip it on and start wiping! I used to subscribe to the damp cloth with Pine-Sol dusting method. Too much work and my hands were begging for mercy! (I hate rubber gloves). The window/mirror polishing cloth is also awesome. It's perfect for my ceramic cooktop on our range. For our floors, I got that SteamTek mop and feel much better about not using cleaners where Heidi will be crawling.

Crystal said...

I love their stuff as well!! I have two anti bac clothes, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. My mom has been using the laundry detergent and really likes it! So I think I will be switching to it as soon as I am done using all my other stuff;)

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

The laundry detergent IS great! I use cloth diapers and have to use norwex because there are no oils in it. And I have to use such a small amount and it STILL works! My favourite is the face cloths because you don't need to use any type of soap. I haven't used face soap in a couple years since I started using them. You just need to put on moisturizer because it dries skin out. Maybe that's just me.

Lisa B. said...

I love the window/mirror polishing cloth - so easy to use and no more fuzzy bits from papertowels on the windows.
The added bonus is my girls LOVE to help so I give each one of them a norwex cloth and they wipe windows or dust away - score for me!

Anita Grace said...

Hey Christy I went to a Norwex party tonight so I thought I`d come back here to comment about it!

I ordered the mattress cleaner & am VERY excited about it. It actually KILLS dust mites & their carcasses (they eat their carcasses and keep living that way in your mattress!). You can get hypo allergenic mattress covers but even still they will continue to live on underneath... so gross!

Anyway, I plan to spray my mattress down, my duvet, pillows and other things I can`t put in the wash. So that is my fav. product... although I have yet to try it!

I also heard the Car Cloth is awesome too and is great for drying off your car and getting a nice polish to it!