Sunday, February 7, 2010

:: Making The Switch ::

This is one choice, we've been told by many, that we will never regret.
Moving from a queen, to a king sized bed. We found an unbeatable deal on a very nice one at Sleep Country on Monday and yesterday the delivery truck arrived. I probably would have had an amazing night sleep except we forgot to turn the heat on so we both ended up shivering all night. Great, I know.
We found a great bedding set at Walmart and some nice sheets a Home Outfitters.....

Trev wasn't feeling well on Friday so he came home early and while flipping through a flier, found some perfectly-sized side tables for almost half-off! You can sort of see it on the right side of the after pictures. We had to get the other ordered in but they are just the best size for the extra space the bigger bed takes up.

I am loving the fresh, new feel of the bedding and wonderful spaciousness of the bed. I am a very light sleeper and am often kept up from Trev's moving around and last night a felt like I really had my own space and knew my moving wasn't bothering him. Maybe tonight we'll remember to pop the thermostat above 12 degrees and actually be able to sleep.


Jessi said...

What a special treat! We've talked many times about upgrading to a king size bed, but we both love our bedroom set so much that it would be hard to part with our actual bed. It must feel wonderful to spread out! Hope you enjoy tonights sleep!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Oh boy we need to make the DOUBLE to queen switch! Last night, urgh, I am sick so I wasn't sleeping-the cat curled up on my chest-husband whines that the purring cat is too loud-I call him a big baby and say his snoring and breathing is too loud...yeah maybe we need to upgrade! Although I would prefer my own bed, haha. I like sleep.

Lisa B. said...

I can't wait to make this switch! Ahh, glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Sweet dreams :-)

Laura said...

Looks wonderful!

Anita Grace said...

Just catching up on your blog here tonight, it`s been awhile!

Jordan and I have always had a `California King`, which is 4in longer & narrower than a reg. king... and I can`t imagine having a queen now! We love to snuggle, but it`s so nice to have the space for sure.