Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday night.
I've been home from Vancouver for almost 24 hours.
We had a long, amazing, exhausting, memorable, challenging and powerful week.
I committed to do nothing but sit today. Sit and relax and sit and play with Missy D.
I'm so happy to be home.
I've cried more than a few times since last night. During commercials, sporting events, TV shows and just for no reason at all.
I'm emotional. I'm tired.....
.....and am feeling just as pregnant as I should at almost 10 weeks.
Somewhere near the end of September our little clan of three will become a home of four!
Somehow I managed to survive a week with 20 teenagers, sleeping in a room with seven other people in a strange bed and long days full of lots and walking and dancing and huge mobs of people.
Thanks to Oma and Opa and my crazy wonderful husband cause I wouldn't have been going anywhere if it weren't for you.
I came home to a clean house, an empty laundry basket and fresh flowers (along with a card and a package of my favourite fuzzy peaches) on my nightstand.
I do promise to do some serious updating this week but for now, my big comfy bed is shouting to me.
Happy March!


Jessi said...

Well let me be the first on your blog to congratulate you and Trevor! How exciting...can't wait to see your growing belly pics like you did with Denay! What a special blessing!

Nancy said...

Wahooo the words out...Christy was our pleasure to help out....what an amazing week...something to share with your new little one that he/she was a part of the olympic winter games of 2010. I loved watching Denay....hope to do it again very you soooo much MOM

susan said...

WOOHOO!! A baby!! Sorry, that was the highlight of the post!!
Funny how I kind of hinted at that on Facebook was your dinner last night that gave it away!!
Hope you are feeling well...get some rest today!!

Jason and Kristin said...

Yeah!! Congratulations - so excited for you guys!
Hope you have a wonderful week of relaxing and getting back into routine!
Take care,

Joanne said...

So glad you survived your Olympic adventure....what a great were part of history in the making!

And....I am delighted with the thought of a new, wee g-babe!!!

Meg Baxter said...

pregnant?! Congratulations!

Lisa B. said...

Whooot hoot what great news!!!! up & enjoy Miss D.

Theresa said...

Congratulations!! That's so exciting!

Crystal said...

I was wondering when the day would come when we would hear this news!!! i guess its inevitable after one:)!! So increadibly happy for you guys, can't wait to watch this process with you again!! how I love blog world for these reasons. And than seriously I think when you have this baby, and come to Langley area we need to have a blog baby shower so we can all see eachothe in person:)!

Laura said...

YAY!! Congrats Christy!! And to Trevor and Denay. SUCH exciting news, I'm thrilled for you!!

Shawna said...

We loved having y'all on this side of the water, even if we didn't get too see you as much as we would have liked - just knowing you were over here was wonderful!

So glad you didn't wait too long to let the wonderful news out...we can't wait to meet this new addition to your (our) family! Love you tons! xo, *S

The Samy's said...

Oh, how exciting! Congrats!!! What a blessign it is to have another baby to your beautiful family.

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

YAY! Congratulations Christy!

Nadine said...

What wonderful, exciting news!!!! Congratulations!!!

Anita Grace said...

alll riiight! That's awesome news!!! Congratulations!

Treena said...

We have never met but I know your Inlaw family from way back in the day :) I love following your blog and hearing about what God is doing in your life and your family. Congratulations on your new little one being knit together inside of you! I'm also prego and about 2 weeks ahead of you. . .due Sep. 23rd. So special. Enjoy this incredible season. Bless you,