Friday, July 9, 2010

{Birthday Continued}

:: The fabulous and perfect cake done by my friend Alana of CAKE By Alana....gimmie a holla if you're in my area and need a cake for a special occasion ::

:: Denay loved her cake (thank you so much Alana!) ::

:: Presents.....we asked our friends to bring newborn baby items, instead of gifts for Denay, for a mom in my area that is pregnant and in need. We got Denay a new, red, shiny tricycle with a big silver bow on it......she was in heaven ::
With lots of help from my awesome family and amazing husband, everything was tidy and cleaned and put away and thrown out and put back together in no time.....with little help from this pregnant momma who was having serious stomach pain.

I couldn't believe how aware Denay was of the fact that everything was for her. I asked her just after the party started, who's birthday it was and she yelled "Oh, my birthday party!".

We were so grateful to be surrounded with family and friends to celebrate our Denay.


Crystal said...

The cake is beautiful and I love the idea of donating gifts for someone in need! you are instilling amazing values in your girl already!!

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We had so much fun celebrating with you!

Joanne said...

The cake was gorgeous.....I think the girlie-girl was delighted with it! I loved how she just climbed onto that bike and rode off...she is growing up....WAY too quickly!