Saturday, July 24, 2010

:: Slowly Picking Away ::

Sooo, it would seem that my four year anniversary passed by on Thursday and I completely neglected to blog or take any photos for that matter.
Boo, me!
Husby and I had a lovely dinner out at a small restaurant in a small ocean bay on the patio, in the sun over looking the marina.
We leisurely strolled the docks (and even got to *gasp* hold hands!) before heading back to town for a stop at Timmy's for a Coldstone dessert.
Some of you with a good memory (and who care to remember anything I babble about on here) might remember my quest to sample most of the Signature Creations from Coldstone Creamery over the summer. Not only did I get to try two more flavours but we did it for half price with a BOGO coupon we got in the mail a couple days earlier! Score, us!
My pick was the Cookie Mintster consisting of mint ice cream, two whole oreos and fudge. Trev ordered the Mud Pie Mojo that was packed with coffee ice cream, REAL peanut butter, roasted almonds and fudge.
Yum, Yummy, Yum-Yum!
So, I'm slowly picking away at my list and I think next time I'll be ordering something with peanut butter in it.
We came home and before we could even get the doors to the truck opened, we heard our sweet, precious two-year-old baby yelling for us from the house and were greeted with very big and excited hugs.
Pretty much the perfect evening.
And here's a big holla out to my momma who left a very gorgeous bouquet of flowers on our now I have two vases full of color and pretty-ness in my kitchen! Thanks Mom!
:: I went to bed and said hello to week 30 of my baby bump and pondered life and family and the perfect will of God that brought me from marriage four years ago to being on the verge of being a mom to two children with a beautiful home in the most beautiful place on earth with a life I wouldn't give up for anything. ::
Happy Anniversary Hunny!
Now, I'm going to help myself to a glass of chocolate milk and go to bed......
{Cheers all ya'll out there and much love from me to you}


Joanne said...

It blesses my heart to watch you and Trev live life and love it. God is good. All the time.

Michelle said...

I like your new background I might have to steal your old one!