Monday, July 12, 2010

:: Couponing, Again ::

While my SIL was out on the weekend, she helped me sort through my coupons, check the flyers, and see if I had any good deals to take advantage of.
I definitely still feel very inept with this whole couponing thing. I've had a few people contact me about giving them the gears on how it works but the truth is that I'm still trying to figure this whole thing a big shout out to my S* for helping me get these great deals :)
Here's what I came home with.......
- a Gillette Fusion Power razor (with extra cartridge)
-a 15 pack of Cascade Action Packs
-two bottles of Dawn dish soap
-an 84 pack of Pampers Size 1 Diapers
-a box of Pampers Sensitive wipes
The bill was more than just these items as I bought some birthday gifts and other small groceries at the same time but I saved $35.98 in coupons and only spent a total of $9.00 (excluding total taxes at $6) on the products in the picture (thanks again to S* for figuring out the math for me).
Crazy, right?
I'm hoping my next round, I'll be able to do it all by my big-girl self......but I'm sure that will be preceeded by a double check phone call to a certain sister-in-law of mine :)

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