Friday, July 9, 2010

:: Happy Birthday Baby Girl ::

We have had an absolutely crazy, exhausting whirlwind past few weeks around here......Trevor left on the 13th of June for two straight weeks of work training in Vernon. He came home at 6:00 on the 25th and 16 hours later was saying goodbye (again) to his wife and daughter as we took off for a week long to trip to Ontario with my parents for my grandma's birthday and cousins graduations. We landed at 11:30 the following Saturday morning, got home just after 1:00 and welcomed our friends and family at 4:30 to celebrate Miss Denay's 2nd birthday.

I had so much help from my husband, mom and MIL and SIL to make this party a fun and happy celebration for my sweet girly. Denay and I and my parents were running on very little sleep after an almost five hour flight and a three hour time change but it was so nice be home!

:: Details.......purple, green and white were the simple theme....all Denay cared about was cake and balloons ::

:: Our growing purple, green and white to match the theme ::

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Joanne said...

Oh, we had such a good time....thanks for having that wee Princess. I LOVE being her loyal subject!

Joanne said...

Love the pic of Denay and the windmill.....she's all over it!