Thursday, November 4, 2010

Berry, Berry, Berry.....Good

Back in the middle of October, we celebrated my mom's birthday. My dad was planning to do dinner and I thought I would help out and make dessert. So I phoned my mamma to glean some ideas for what she might like, to which she responded, "Cheesecake".
Alright, cheesecake, I can do that.
The day of her birthday I got up alone with the girls, fed them and put Paisley back in our bedroom, to keeping sleeping with daddy, and with my shopping list in hand went to get the ingredients I would need.
I got home around 11:30am and took a better look at the recipe, and having never made a cheesecake before, didn't realize that it needed to be refrigerated for at least six hours......and dinner was at 5:00.
I actually managed to whip everything together and get it chilling by 12:00.
I think I can say it went over pretty well.....even with Denay.
Sunday was my dad's birthday and he asked for the same thing. This time, I took pictures.....
Berry Berry Berry Cheesecake
I didn't have quite enough graham cracker crumbs for the crust this time around so I used some oats and brown sugar. It was a little bit more crumbly but still oh-so yummy.
Between the four of us we ate half of it and I made sure to leave the other half with my parents.....because considering we bought two boxes of Halloween candy and only got three trick-or-treaters, the last thing I need is more sweets in my house!

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Jessi said...

Yes...that does look BERRY yummy!