Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Fairy Princess & The Cutest Bunny EVER

I'll just come right out and say it.....I'm not a big fan of Halloween.
I'm not anti-Halloween but watching people get into the Halloween "spirit" by hanging creepy, spooky and down-right gory decorations from their front doors really doesn't make me want to have any part in it. We also discovered that Denay is very perceptive and started to be very aware of the goulies and ghosts and zombies and motion activated witches in the grocery stores that cackle when you walk by. She would repeat over and over "I okay mummy, I okay" or "We no go into scary story mummy". But our church puts on a great event called Trunk-or-Treat where people bring their cars and decorate their trunks in kid-friendly themes. The kids go trunk to trunk and do their trick-or-treating in a very safe, well lit place with no traffic or spooky decorations.
Denay was a little reserved at first but after a few cars she realized that all she had to do was say "trick-or-treat" and she'd get candy put in her bag. It was much fun after that!

My good friend lent us a cute bunny snuggly that we put Paisley in.....she slept the whole time.
We are allowing Denay to have one piece of candy a day and mom and dad are making sure to help her out too!

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