Friday, April 1, 2011

{Drumroll, Please}

ANNNNNDDDD......the winner of the GOGO from SheShe Inc. is...... Photobucket



I thought I had taken photos of the WHOLE process but apparently not.

I listed everyone's name who commented in a random order of a sheet of paper. Then I assigned each person (again, randomly) a number between 1 and 11 and then used this site to generate a number for me!

Congratulations Crystal!

Click on the "Email Me" button or FB message me ;) and I can get your prize in the mail!

Thanks to everyone who played along and left your great organizational tips! There were a few I loved that I want to highlight.....

Loni - "Give your purse (aka Diaper Bag for me in this season of life) a quick look through as soon as you get home. Add what's needed and take out what's not. Then you always know you'll have everything you thought you had in there :)"

Crystal, Shawna, Megan and Lizze - Shared about meal planning and prepping veggies so there is less to do when dinner time comes around

Shawna - "1. always take out more than you brought into the car...the car will be relatively clean.... 3. Make your bed before 9 - even if you are not going anywhere."

Thanks again girls!


Shawna said...

Congrat's Crystal!!! I'm sure you will love it -- you organizational diva you ;)

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much, I really needed this today:)!!