Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Six - number of months old my dear Paisley-girl is.

Two - number of teeth she has (YAY!)

Mango, Apple, Banana and Peas - foods she's tried and (so far) likes.

A Couple - number of seconds it takes her to get from where she is to what she wants. Photobucket


:: First solids.....banana/mango puree, loving whipped up by mamma! ::


:: Six Months Old ::


Had my girly weighed today and she is 14lbs 7oz, a whole pound and a half heavier than her sister at the same age.


Joanne said...

Just. too. cute. for. words.

Michelle B said...

Hahahaha! Love the first one...I remember Jay and I cracking up at small group when you put something infront of her like a carrot and watched her go for it. Miss you BUNCHES!!!