Tuesday, April 26, 2011

:: Mini Mainland Vacay ::

Ever taken a ferry ride with a six-month-old and a two-year-old?
I did.
Forgot my wallett. Broke my sunglasses. Got (literally) covered in sweet potato baby food and then left napkinless by the only other person (who had kids of her own) in the kids playroom, who bolted the second the baby food spilt.
Two weeks ago, I scrambled myself together and did just that. My husband and I planned to travel on Friday evening for Easter/his birthday/his Uncle and Aunt's 50th wedding anniversary, but I figured since I didn't have anything else going on, I could go out early and surprise my in-laws.
Everything went off without a hitch and I got to spend two extra full days with those I don't get to see often enough.

On Thursday, my SIL Shawna offered to have Denay for the day (Which she literally jumped at. She misses her cousins) and I spent the day with Paisley and my MIL in the states. We were at the Tulip Festival for about three minutes and took six pictures before we bailed from the driving rain, had a lovely lunch of delicious Chicken Gnocci Soup at Olive Garden, and spent some time shopping at Target and the Dollar Tree. In the evening Trev's parents put the kiddos (thanks guys!!) to bed and Shawna and I used her cereal box coupon and saw Soul Surfer....and bawled like babies.
On Friday we lounged and relaxed and then had McDonalds for lunch with Grampy and Grammie and Uncle Jordie! Later in the day Shawna and I left the kids and spent a few hours taking pictures on the beach. You can check out her session on the Christy Joy Photography blog along with the photos from the session I had with my inlaws on Saturday.
Saturday was the annivesary party (check back for the post later)......then on Sunday we ate food, had an Easter Egg hunt, celebrated Trevor's b-day and hopped a ferry in time to watch the hockey with 100 people.
It's been over a week since we got home and I still don't have myself organized but it was so worth it.
Thanks MaC family.....we love you!

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