Friday, May 6, 2011

:: Book Review - Heaven Is For Real ::


Do images of making a couch from a cloud and floating around strumming a harp come to mind?

Or perhaps a place where you can eat as much ice cream as you want and never gain a pound?

Or somewhere you hope to reunite with family or loved ones that pre-deceased you?

I recenly finished reading Todd Burpo's book, "Heaven is for Real" which I heard about from my MIL (and borrowed her copy too!). I burned through this one in just a few days (which is a real accomplishment while being a momma to two). It is the incredible and goosebump inducing story of an almost four-year-old son of a pastor who, during an emergency appendectomy, visits heaven.

Sound hokey?

That's what I kind of thought.

Over the months following his surgery and miraculous recovery, he begins to divulge tidbits about meeting Jesus and John the Baptist (whom he describes as "nice"), petting God's horse (who is very colorful), meeting his older sister who was miscarried in the first-trimester of pregnancy and his great-grandfather who died 25 years before he was born.

Have goosebumps yet?

I will say that the book is a little wordy and slow at the beginning as Todd recalls the days before his son's surgery but once he begins to unravel his experience, it certainly picks up.


If you are looking for a quick but impactful read, or any read AT ALL, pick this up! I highly recommend it.

You're eyes will fill with tears as you envision a little four year old boy rushing to the bedside of an old dying pastor, and with every conviction and faith, tells him "It's going to be okay. The first person you're going to see is Jesus".

Yeah, you need to read this book. Check out the site here.

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