Monday, May 9, 2011

:: Reflections On Mother's Day ::

Another Mother's Day has come, and gone.

It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of anticipation that goes into a day like that, and then the swiftness with which it passes.

I will count myself with those that held the day in high-hopes.....not great high-hopes, but hopes nonetheless.

Hopes for a great night sleep.

Hopes to sleep in.

Hopes for a break from my normal morning "duties" with the little ladies.

Hopes for a relaxing and lazy morning and family breakfast.

Hopes for church with my littleuns whose existance affords me to be celebrated as a mother.

Hopes for an afternoon sleep.

Disappoint(ment): disappoint (ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt)
— vb
1. to fail to meet the expectations, hopes, desires, or standards of
2. to prevent the fulfilment of (a plan, intention, etc); frustrate; thwart

My morning started really early, even though the girls were still sleeping. My husband fetched #2 and brought me a bottle and while I cuddled her in bed, he went and got #1. Denay has had a bad rash on her face and nether-regions for over a week and it seemed to have gotten even worse overnight. Trev ran to Shoppers to grab some Benadryll (to see if her reaction was allergic) while I got the girls changed, dressed, beds made and rooms tidy and got Paisley downstairs and fed breakfast. I called my dad to see if him and my brother (who is in town visiting) and mom wanted to join us for pancakes, only to find out one of her puppies had eaten a poisonous mushroom, gone into toxic shock and died the night before....."Let her sleep", I told him.

So Trev arrived home, made a quick batch of pancakes and then took off shortly before 10:00 to take Denay to the walk-in clinic while I got Paisley down for a very short nap, got ready, woke her up and rushed out the door for church. I spent over half of church without half of my family, and when Trev did arrive, Paisley was tired and fussy so I ended up in the foyer until the after-sermon song.

The day picked up with a lovely, long and fun lunch with two families that are quite dear to me.

*I will pause for a moment here to acknowledge that I am surrounded by a host of amazing mothers and friends*

By the time we arrived home, it was 3:30pm and either of the girls had napped. By the time I'd gotten the house straightened from our hustled morning, it was too late for me to nap so hubby and I lazed on the couch and watched The Big Bang Theory (LOVE that show).

The evening was dinner, ice cream, a nice Skype with my MIL, kids to bed and then more Big Bang, until I retired to bed to enjoy my new gadget (you'll see) and then passed out before my Trev could join me.

I had had a whole plan in my head on how the day was going to go and exactly what I wanted it to look like, and by definition, was completely disappointed. Certainly not in the sense that something or someone let me down, QUITE the contrary, but in the sense that all of my plans and ideas were totally derailed.

A big lesson I have learned as a mother is that there is really nothing certain. You could have plans for a big day at the mall with the kids and some friends and then wake up to a toddler with a fever and the runs. You could have plans to relax and have a quiet day in but instead spend the day dealing with a miserable teething baby who refuses to nap or be consoled. You could plan to grocery shop and run errands before the next naptime but then catch your child sleeping on the floor before you can get them into the car.

Our lives are at the mercy of these amazing, tiny people, who are unpredictable, impulsive and completely dependant on the adults who's lives they dictate.

Would I have it any other way? Nope.

Would I choose different if given the chance? No Way.

It's sometimes (seemingly) unbearble, overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting. But life as "mother" is much more a gift, a blessing and one of the highest callings that can be given. Presidents, leaders, world changers, movers and shakers all had a mother. Maybe some of them had poor mothers but were adopted by women who nurtured them, loved them and raised them to be great.

That's what we do......we raise greatness.



I can't deny that I was spoiled yesterday. Normally I ask for basic and relatively inexpensive (i.e. books, or things I'd like for the house and very practical things) gifts because my practical self can do nothing but. Three of my gifts were just that, practical and usable and awesome.

#1 - Faulker Zero Gravity Chair

I got this baby from my parents, and it's even a dark smokey blue to match the trailer! My parents bought a couple for themselves a couple years back and they aren't you $40 Canadian Tire chairs, these things are skookum! Trev got one for Father's Day last year and this year it was my turn (and just in time for the May Long Weekend!!) Thanks Mom and Dad!
#2 - Contigo reusable water bottles

My SIL sent me these are they are right up my alley :) She knows me well enough to know that we are trying to reduce our plastic comsumption and that I ALWAYS have water with me. These aren't like any bottle I've seen, being that they have a small button to press to drink and when the button in released it seals itself for no leaks! Awesome.....thanks S*!
#4 - "Friendship for Grownups"

My MIL sent me this. It's a great book about learning to be vulnerable and real in order to foster healthy and deep friendships as an adult. I picked away at the first chapter for a bit and I likey! Thank you Mum!

#4 - KOBO

The piece de resistance.....the Kobo eReader. I asked for this, sent my hubby a very suggestive email with a link to the website. I wanted a used and refurbished one, but since they didn't have any, not only did Trev get me a new one, he got me a PURPLE one. I am in love. This thing is just so great. I can read anywhere without having to pack around one or many books. I can't say enough great things, I was hooked in five minutes and am now plowing through "Pride and Prejudice". THANK DEAR HUSBAND :)
For another couple reads, check out this hilarious anecdote and this incredible poem about the destiny of our children.

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