Thursday, August 18, 2011

:: Baby, be Blessed ::

I have absolutely no idea, where I first heard about these dolls. I do know, however, that I've wanted one for Denay since her first birthday, and finally got around to getting her one for her third. That being said, it didn't arrive in time, and she got it when daddy came up to Quadra a few weeks later.
This, is Denay's BabybeBlessed doll.....
:: all perched on the dresser where she sleeps ::
:: Denay's scripture from Zephaniah ::
These dolls are hand sewn by a group of Christian women who want to spread the love of Jesus, one doll at a time. Their about section on their website is quite beautiful and I'm pretty sure one of these babes will be Paisley's Christmas present!


Shawna said...

Such sweet dolls with an amazing message!

Laura said...

Oh, I love this! I'm going to pop over to their website :) I hope you don't mind if I end up getting one for Kenzie! She loves her "babies" :)

P.S. I love that verse... brought tears to my eyes reading it, as a prayer over your precious Denay

Rebecca said...

beautiful doll!

Michelle said...

Love that verse! A friend of mine sent that to me recently. It is one that is etched in my memory! Your girls are blessed to have you raising them in the truth!