Monday, August 8, 2011

:: Makin' Old Things New (looking) Again ::

My name is Christy Joy and I, am a spray paint warrior.

No, really, I actually got called that once.

But it's true, I love spray paint. I love that I can take something given to me or found for a steal at the thrift store or a swap and using couple cents worth of paint, make it just what I want.

That's what I spent my afternoon doing yesterday!

:: I picked up these ADORABLE animal prints for a dollar for all four at a kids swap six months ago. Each frame was colored to match the print inside and I thought it was a little tacky but a five minutes worth of spraying and, SHAZAM, fresh and adorable and much more usable! ::
:: I picked these guys up for a buck or so at our church's annual youth garage sale in June and was able to past their, uhh, "look", and with a little white paint, they are actually half decent. I've not decided that I love them yet, so we will see if they stick around ::


:: These cutesies were a gift from my MIL and date back to the 50's. When I saw them I knew I'd want to use them in one of the kids' rooms and the black frames wouldn't do. I think the white frame gives it a new and fresh look and I think I've decided on hanging them in the play room ::

Go on, I dare you.

Go digging in your basement or attic or closet and I bet you'll find something old, that, with a quick coat of good spray paint (I bought mine at Benjamin Moore and it's the best stuff I've ever used), it can have a new look and you can get "new" decor for your home by freshening up things you already own!


Joanne said...

I love before and afters....and yours are terrific!

The wee Dutch boy and girl are much happier looking with the white frames....well done!

Lisa B. said...

From a fellow spray paint lover....GREAT JOB!

All your transformations look fabulous. Thanks for mentioning BM spray paint - haven't tried it - but I may just go there right now!!!!