Thursday, March 22, 2012

:: The Name Is Shortcake - Strawberry Shortcake ::

Sit down.
Maybe sit down and put your sunglasses on, you might need them.
I got bored......again.
I cut my bangs off myself a week ago......
I dyed my hair back in January a rich cinnamon brown but it was a semi-permanent color and last week I felt like it had faded and turned an icky, listless brown.
We're on a super strict budget and when I hit up the color aisle and found the color I wanted for $10.94 a box, it wasn't in the cards.
I hit up every other grocery store in town (except one) only to be more disheartened everytime.
Then Friday rolled around, the Walmart flyer came out and low-and-behold, the brand I wanted was on sale for half price.
So I swung by late Friday night on my way to a girlfriend's house only to find the shelf picked clean and free of any color that amused me at all.
Saturday found me giving the last store in town a try (flyer in hand so I could price match) and was able to find an out-of-my-comfort-zone color and I could hardly wait to get home and get the girls to bed so I could get to dying.
So this was my locks at the beginning of January, side swept bangs......
This was late January.......


This is now, tonight. Red and bang-y.

And this is subdued. I've washed my hair four times since Saturday and it is STILL washing color out. It was a little brash and much more red and much less auburn than I was planning but after a few washes, it is settling down to the funky color I was looking for.
I loooove.

I feel like I'm discovering this off-beat, funky and unique version of myself and I can say that I'm having lots of fun doing it!

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Liz said...

Love it Christy. You look fantastically funky.