Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Where Me Been}

#1 - Going OUT
A couple Saturday's ago, my parents took us out.  Like paid-for-the-sitter-dinner-and-movie out.  We had an awesome meal at Montanas and saw This Means War in an actual movie theater.  The movie was super-cute by the way, and I would totally recommend seeing it.  Then last Friday, thanks to Opa (for babysitting) and our newly learned financial planning skills (thanks Grammie) we went out AGAIN on a double date with C&K - some superdy-duperdy cool friends.  We splurged on Wendy's for dinner and went to see The Hunger Games on opening night.  Bad seats, good movie.  Which leads into the next thing I've been doing....

#2 - Reading
Reading The Hunger Games Trilogy to be exact.  I had very uncommittedly starting reading the first book at C&K's house back a few months ago because I was not interested in watching the Superbowl.    But because buying the Ebook for my Kobo (however cheap it was at the time) was not an option, I didn't carry on reading beyond that day.  After watching the movie, I knew I needed to read the books and I found somewhere that I could download the PDF for FREE and was reading it on my laptop.  But if you have ever tried to read on your laptop for an extended period of time, it's not that awesome.  Then a friend's husband suggested I try YouTube and see if there is a video showing me how to transfer it to my Kobo.  So I did, and there was and it worked!  I plowed through the books in about three days. 
I've now moved on to the Millenium Trilogy, so don't expect a whole lot more blogging in the next week :)

#3 - Swimming
I grew up swimming, boating, tubing.....more swimming.  I used to jump in the pool right after lunch on Sunday afternoon and refuse to get out until the sun was setting and my lips were bright purple.  So swimming is important to us, not just because it's a fun and super cheap family activity, but it's healthy exercise and an valuable life skill and something I want both of my children to enjoy, embrace and feel confident doing.  So we used their birthday money to sign them up, and Saturday mornings at 9:00 are PJ's lessons and 9:30 are Denay's.  Denay has graduated to the parent-participation-free class and I get to watch my very big girl in the pool with her teacher and classmates, practising front and back floats, kicking and jumping and holding her breath under water.

#4 - 6-day work weeks
Trevor has had the opportunity to spend the last month working Saturday's, helping out some good friends of ours with their home business product.  It makes mornings hectic between getting to swimming and him leaving the pool after PJ's lessons to get there, but the extra income has been an even bigger boost in our debt repayment.  It makes for two tired parents and very short-feeling weekend but we feel so fortunate to have the chance bring in extra money and allow us not to feel so pinched.

#5 - This, that and the next thing
Life group, bible study, bi-weekly relationship course at church, strata meetings, staff meetings, Trev's church media commitment, scrapbooking, evening walks, date nights, movie/TV show watching nights with our respective friends, dinners with friends and a night or two at home. 

#6 - Pictures of bellies
This is my friend Kerry and she's havin' baby #2 (hopefully any day now).  Kerry is a very dear friend with whom I have an immeasurable amount of wonderful memories with.  We took our kiddos along and spent an hour in the sunshine on Saturday capturing her almost-baked-bun, that I think is a girl for the record.
:: all of our kiddos ::
So that's it, all, the end.
I'm hoping for a lightning bolt of inspiration so I can blog about something other than our rather boring and uneventful day-to-day lives.
You'll be the first to know when it comes.....

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Joanne said...

LOVE the bump really do have a great eye!