Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ Princess *S's 3rd Birthday Party }

Sunday afternoon we (and by we I mean Denay) were invited to dear *S's third birthday party! It was a princess themed party and all the guests were dressed their best.
:: The birthday girl ::
:: Some of the guests ::
:: If I haven't been obvious enough yet, I'm all about the details! ::
:: I couldn't get enough of *M's party dress and had 3 other shots of it ::
:: First attempt of many to get a group shot with a real live princess ::
Our afternoon at the party was a little cut short because, as you can see in the second collage, Denay came down with a bad infection in her eyes and we jetted off to the pharmacy to get her prescription filled.

It makes me so excited to throw a birthday party for Denay in a few months!

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Laura said...

What a fun party idea! Sweet dresses :) Hope Denay is feeling better soon!