Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can I see a show of hands.....

......on how many of you love flyers?
Sometimes I feel very alone in this world.
One of the things that I look forward to every week (aside from Friday's at 6:00) is Friday afternoon when our local paper arrives. Not as much for the news but for the juicy tidbits inside that get a scan before the paper does......
.....flyers my friends, flyers.
I can't tell you why or when for sure it started but I can't get enough of them......maybe partly because of my newly formed habit of coupon-clipping and price-comparing but it's more than that. I read flyers for stores we don't even have within a 45 minute drive. I read flyers for stores where, even if they were within a 45 minute drive, I probably still would never shop there.
It's funny, if I think of it. Why do I get flyers for Michael's, London Drugs, Best Buy and Jysk?
I guess because if the deal is good enough people from here will bundle up and hunker down for a three hour round trip to buy that one item they just have to have.
:: All that being said, I betcha can't guess what my favourite flyer is ::
The one my husband and I snatch away from each other and flip through more than once to make sure we didn't miss any good deals.
You'll never guess.
Give up?
It's the Canadian Tire flyer.
There are weeks that I am bitterly dissappointed, being barraged by nothing but man tools and auto parts.
Then there are weeks, oh blessed weeks, with pages full of home organization, decor, garden accessories, and just all around pretty things for prices that make me mad at full price anything.
I was perusing through there the other day with my mom to get a garbage can for the trailer (half price) when she came across a 20 piece knife set (complete with eight steak knives, bread knives, two kitchen scissors and more) in a wooden block, all for $13.00 (75% off the regular price). Needless to say we both left the store with one.
Have I mentioned I love flyers.
Some other favourites are London Drugs (even though our new/first one is still concrete walls), Walmart and Michael's (even though I can count on one hand the amount of times I've walked through the doors).
Be assured I will wake tomorrow with an added spring in my step and sit on pins and needles for the familiar sound of someone coming into my carport and then leaving again one newspaper lighter.
Can I get a show of hands.......anyone?
I thought so, alone in the world.


Jason and Kristin said...

Ha are too funny! I like flyers too, but probably not as much as you! But you do have me a bit inspired to look through them all and check out good deals! Who knows, maybe I'll learn to LOVE them as much as you!

Ashley Kitchen said...

Oh funny girl.

Laura said...

Christy, you're a riot! :) I do enjoy flipping through them, but definitely not like you do! For me, sometimes seeing something makes me want to buy it, even though I don't need it - ya know? So for me, at times it's out of sight, out of mind. But good for you for searching for deals, flyers are definitely good for that! And I agree, Canadian Tire does have some nice home decor! They had great Christmas decorations this year too - fun!

Crystal said...

I haven't really gotten into them yet..but I am sure I will have lots of time soon to start that new hobby...I will be in search of cheap diapers where ever I can get them!!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

I LOVE FLYERS! The rest of the paper is just useless anyways, haha.

Steph Chester said...

I 100% agree with you!! I love flyers also, i rumage through all 6 papers we get at my work every friday looking for Michael's flyers! it's like being a kid on Christmas morning when I come across that beautiful little coupon on the back page of the michael's flyer . . . 40% OFF . . . !! that little coupon I clip away and tuck into my pocket so I am one step closer to having all my wedding supplies at 40% off! just thinking about them makes me happy! I love coupons and good deals! thanks for the post and letting me know i am not the only one so flyer happy every friday afternoon!