Saturday, July 4, 2009

:: The Eye Of The Storm ::

Well my lovely's 10:05 on Saturday night and I really feel like I have nothing to say.
This weeks has flown by in a blur of ups and downs and fun-in-the-sun.
Denay and I spent three days this week up at the lake (one visit spent with my bikini bottoms inside out) plus a day in Victoria for Canada Day (more on that next week) and trip to the airport. And somewhere in there my baby's first birthday party got planned and, oh, did I mention she started walking on Tuesday?? She's taken a step or two during the day then when Trev got home we gave her a yogurt cup (for balance) and she walked 11 steps all the way from him to me. Thank the Good Lord we got it on tape and she's doing it more and more!
Tomorrow is the big party and I've got to finish up the cake......I'll get photos posted hopefully before the wedding chaos begins!
PS - I've decided not to dye my hair and thanks SO much for all the comments.....I can FEEL that love!


Crystal said...

walking!! oh wow, it does go so fast:)!

The Samy's said...

Can't wait to see the cake! Have a great day with your friends and family and a happy 1st birthday to Denay!