Friday, September 4, 2009

Man, I have been very neglectful of my blog as of late. Generally we aren't an overly busy household but this past week has just flown by!
On Wednesday afternoon I was invited to attend a cooking class just around the bend from my place.....about three hours and a whole lot of fun later, I came home with fresh homemade Zucchini Garden Soup and focaccia bread for dinner and blackberry peach cobbler for dessert. Yummo. To make it fun I didn't tell Trevor what I was doing so it was a nice surprise for him!

I also thought it was hightime I show ya'll how much my little gal looks like her mamma! The upper right and large left photo are picture of my when I was 13-14 months old and the lower left is Denay this afternoon, at almost 14 months. We even have the exact same number of teeth. How I love her!

Right now I should be helping my husband pack for our weekend trip to the mainland (that we leave for in 10 minutes) will be so good to be with Trev's family and take in J&R wedding! Have a blessed weekend friends...."see" you soon!


susan said...

I love the cooking class idea! What a treat for Trevor & so nice to have some fun while preparing dinner.
Enjoy your weekend away!!

Kerry said...

hey.... so tell me about this cooking class you took! what a cool idea! how was the zuc garden soup?? cuz i have 2 zuc's in my fridge that i need to use soon!

Laura said...

A cooking class would be such fun! I love making "chores" fun :) Looks delicious!
You and Denay are definitely mother-daughter, no doubt about that one! I first saw it when you showed us pictures of you on your first birthday - could've been Denay! So sweet :)