Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apparently I have dropped off the face of the planet again.
Here's the deal friends.......God has had me on a journey for the past week and a bit. So many times He's tried to get my attention and He gets it, for a few days. Then life and business and blogging and Facebook and One Tree Hill (I'll explain later) all vie for my time and I'm all to quick to give in. What I've been learning is that my priorities are way out of whack. God revealed to me the Sunday before last that that He is moving and He is stirring. He was been for a while but it is building and the big things that have been prophesied to happen in this island are going to happen soon. And what struck me deep down is that I don't want to miss out. I don't want to be blogging or watching TV when He moves and known that I could have been a part of it. It's been slow and I've failed a lot but with all I've got, and God giving me the rest, I've been working at choosing Him and putting Him first. Asking Him to rework my day and my schedule and my list of "to-do's" so that I can spend some time with Him. It is hard with a daughter.....but I've been working time with Him into time with her. Every morning while I feed her breakfast I read Psalms and Proverbs aloud so not only am I getting His word read in our home, but I am being fed and so is Denay. I'm still having a hard time with putting down the vacuum and the laptop while Denay is napping to get in some quiet time but it's small victories and doing more each day and I refuse to get discouraged this time.
So. There you have it. I've been trying to focus more on my home and family as they are the responsibilities that God has given me and I want to be all I can be to them.....so naturally, blogging, along with other things has gone the the wayside. It's going to take God some time to sort me out but I know that He's not done with me yet! I'll still be around, maybe as much as usual, but I was really feeling led to share with you all where I'm at. Maybe somebody needed to hear this and maybe I'll find a kindred spirit, who knows, but I wanted to be faithful to the direction of the Spirit.
Now....on to other things! We had a fabulous weekend away with Trev's family. We stayed a little longer than normal since Trevor didn't need to work yesterday and had such a fun afternoon on Sunday playing games and relaxing.
The Saturday wedding was just lovely. It had to be moved inside due to the rain but the room was decorated so beautifully and all was well! Denay was such a trooper (as usual) and was a little dopey but still going at 10:00pm when we headed home. Thanks to Auntie Shawna and Uncle Paul she got in a little nap in the stroller during dinner and that sure helped.
:: Some pictures Auntie Shawna took of our little clan ::
There are lots of other keeping-me-busy things going on around here as well. I've committed to start attending Tuesday night intercessory prayer at church as well as one hour a week of prayer with a partner. Trevor and I are also hoping to get involved with the once a month praise night for the church youth as small group leaders......I'm also so excited that our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group is launching in a couple weeks and I've joined the ministry team and have been put in charge of hospitality and planning group events. It all tied in so nicely with the fact that God has placed a burden on my heart for moms and women prayer wise. This coupled with weekly dance practise and bi-monthly dance classes and hopefully starting to scrapbook again has got me feeling a little overwhelm but I know that it's all part of God's moving and transforming me and finally putting to use the gifts He's given me and the ministries He's called me to. I trust He will provide!
I hope that catches ya'll up on what's going on here and in my heart. I want to make more effort to be more transparent and upfront about what God is doing that we might all uplift and encourage each other through the medium of blogging.
I can hear my little muffin shaking her crib railing so off I go.
Friends: May you always trust Him, seek Him and choose Him first. All other things will come once He is in His rightful place at the center of our lives.
PS-sorry if this reads scattered and random and is full of spelling errors. I know if I re-read that I'll start changing things and I want what the Spirit wanted said to be said in His words, not mine.


Crystal said...

Great post Christy and no you are not alone. I am seeing a theme lately, God working in a lot of poeoples lives, but also many of us are carrying such heavy burdens that I think he is calling us back to the core values, and wants us to simplify our lives to focus on what matters most, God, family, church community ect. Be encouraged that you have many kindred spirits out here, and I agree, being transparent is a great way to go..Be blessed!

Nadine said...

Beautiful post, Christy. Thank you for sharing your heart and listening to the what God wanted you to say. I think that no matter how messy things are, when they are from the Lord, we can't think about spell check or any of those things. We have to write what's on our heart and what He's pressing so hard for us to share.

Thank you for listening to Him and for bringing us along with you on this journey.

Jason and Kristin said...

Great post. Thanks for the encouragement - and keep doing what God is calling you to! Blessings!

Joanne said...

You are such a blessing to me. Praying for you as you continue to seek Him first. Love you tons!

Laura said...

Awesome to hear about how God is leading your life, Christy. Thanks for sharing!
Like Crystal said, us girls here on the mainland have also felt that there are some heavy burdens happening around us and in our own lives. God has a plan and we're praying through these tough times, trusting Him with every step! Satan is working overtime with our precious Sisters in Christ (and their loved ones), and we are called to do something about it. It's exciting and powerful, since we are confident in our God!!
Keep stepping into the things He has for you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it all!