Friday, September 18, 2009

:: Project Completed ::

A couple weeks ago, on whim, I decided I was finally going to jump into a project I'd wanted done for a very long time. We have six JYSK dining chairs and a second hand table that are all a light oak.....and so are my floors. My MIL just bought a french country style dining table and it motivated me do mine!
I hate painting. It takes too after having my chairs ON my table for weeks I buckled down yesterday and got it done.
Here is the before......the floors really just absorbs the chairs because the colors are so similar.

And the after.....I am SO thrilled with it. I couldn't wait to get home from a meeting last night just so I could look at it :)

(click photos to enlarge)
It just feels so fresh and bright. I'm off today to get a table runner to finish it off!
The next project? We (which probably means "I") are going to start turning our now spare room into Denay's new room. And no (don't get an ideas) I'm not expecting again I just know how long it's going to take to cover the deep red that's there now with a light purple (gag).
I also wanted to say thanks for all your love and encouragement on my last post. To be honest, I never doubted how it would be received and you only proved my trust to be true. I continue to pray that God will use it!
Love you all so much it brings me to tears!


Crystal said...

looks great!!

Joanne said...

Amazing what a difference it makes...I love it! Good job Christy!

Laura said...

Great job!