Saturday, September 19, 2009

{ Welcome Isabella Marie }

At 6:15am on Thursday, September 17th we got a phone call from Trevor's best friend to let us know that his wife Lindsay had gone into labour seven weeks early and delivered a perfect baby girl at 5:15am weighing 3lbs 15oz and 17 inches long.
They had flown in from Fort Macmurray for Darryl's sister's wedding today and had the baby in Surrey.
I stole this from Lindsay's Facebook page of her just post-birth.
And a couple from Darryl's cell phone.
We're going to go for a visit in a week or so and I can't wait to meet her and see D&L.
If you could, as you're reading this, say a quick prayer for Darryl and Lindsay and baby Isabella......they are going to be in Surrey for a while until the baby is stable enough to go home.

D&L we love you so much and are overjoyed with this're going to make some pretty awesome parents!


Joanne said...

Congrats to D&L on the early arrival of wee Isabella! She is just adorable!!

Nat said...

What a little sweetheart! She looks so much bigger than 3lbs. Praise God that she doesn't need a respirator - that's a miracle in itself!!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

3 LBS!!! Holy smokes! Penny was three times that! Wow must be so tiny, precious little thing. I'm glad it was a healthy little one!

Laura said...

What a doll!! She looks incredible and healthy - God is good! Praying for those 3 as they go through the next few weeks, for solid assurance that our Heavenly Father has Isabella wrapped safe in His arms. Don't forget to take pictures when you visit them - can't wait to see more! :)