Wednesday, September 9, 2009

|| Looking On The Bright Side ||

I make no effort at hiding that fact that I do not like the end of summer. I have a really hard time understanding those people who just love fall and the rain and the crisp air.....that all translates for me into summer-ending, wet and cold. But I'm going to take the highroad and not complain (cause everyone know how much whining irritates me) and instead compile a list of things that aren't bad about "this" time of year.+ let's be honest, onesies are way cuter than shorts and t-shirt pajamas (for the baby of course)

+ I get to wear my super-duper cute rain boots

+ no more irresponsible motorcycle riders speeding around like maniacs thinking they are invincible

+ I don't have to remember to water my plants or the lawn

+ peppermint hot chocolate.....Mmmm

+ it means my birthday and Christmas are just a few months away

+ lots of yearly programs and clubs being relaunched

+ the less favourable (aka cold and wet and ugly and crappy) weather makes for more indoor days which produces more completed projects around the house

+ Halloween candy :)

+ even though the dying trees and foliage depresses me, the colors of the trees before all the leaves fall off are quite beautiful

So there you have it.....I think I managed to compile a pretty decent list consider my true feelings for this season.

On another blogger friend Crystal has put a call for prayer on her blog. She saw the same trend that I did among the blogosphere; God is moving and stirring and is calling us deeper. So, we're going to pray. Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you are reading this) Thursday the 10th at 12:30pm we will unite in spirit to lift each other up and pray into the work that God wants to do. Pray for whatever He lays on your heart, spend some time just listening for Him to speak. Let's claim the victory we already have in Christ and stand in the power He's given us! Pray for however long you can. If you can't at that exact time, pray sooner or later, but pray.
Let's expect big things!

Good evening friends!


Joanne said...

Missed something on your list...working for CC! I'm in Osoyoos...will be joining in prayer as I walk the boatdock.

Laura said...

Have you tried a White Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks? You can get them anytime, but in the Fall/Winter it's the perfect treat! If you don't have a sweet tooth, might want to ask for it half sweet. But, it's one of my favourite things about this time of year, and when I read your peppermint hot chocolate one... I thought I'd add to that! :)
I hope this season is one you enjoy this year! :)

Dustin and Chelsey said...

Great post CHristy. It's good to be positive! :)ANd it sounds like you'r really seeking God's heart, good for you! Your family is lucky.