Monday, March 1, 2010

:: Update #1 Of Many ::

I can't tell you how good it feels to share our exciting news with ya'll and I thought I'd start my long list of updating with a post all about our new baby.
Today marks about nine and a half weeks along and I am due somewhere near the end of September.
We found out on January 27th and had planned to keep it quiet until the 12 week mark like we did with Denay. But on the morning of our big Vancouver trip fundraiser I started to bleed and therefore needed to tell my leadership as I wasn't going to be able to dance.
I spent the day at home, in bed, doing a lot of crying and praying. I did some blood work the next week and was overjoyed to find out positive results from the midwife.
I'm feeling tired and more emotional and a little nauseous but really great other than that.
Denay doesn't really understand yet. I'm trying to teach her that mommy has a baby in her tummy but all she wants to do is put her finger in my belly button.
As for my feelings to what the gender is, I am definitely thinking boy.
Other than that I can say I am really super excited and anticipating this pregnancy and delivery and meeting our newest member!
I already love you baby....


Maryann said...

Oh Yay! Congrats Christy, Trevor, and Denay :)

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!!!! SOOOO happy for you!!! Blessings to you 4!