Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Baby Bump Chronicles | Week 17

My lovely lump at week 17, taken by my wonderful husband at gorgeous Cayo Blanco in Cuba.
Other than being the only one in our group of six that couldn't have anything alcoholic to drink, international trip #2 while pregnant was amazing. I found myself very tired in the evening (after a full day of doing nothing of course) and combined with the overwhelming amount of cigarette and cigar smoke everywhere, retreated to bed at a decent hour most nights.
Other than that, nothing new to report. We saw the midwife before we left and all was well. I also got my ultrasound appointment for mid-May and I can't wait!
Love you baby!


Jessi said...

What a fabulous shot of you Christy! Looks like you guys enjoyed your relaxing time away!

Shawna said...

You are stunning!

And can I say I'm proud that you've actually been able to teach my brother how to focus --ahhh, now we're talking!

Cathy said...

Beautiful photo of you! You are so beautiful!!