Thursday, April 8, 2010

(Raw Truth)

This week I sat around at table, with eight other (fabulous and amazing) moms of various ages, and cried.

I shared that I felt like a failure as a mother.

Maybe I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I was abruptly struck by the brief amount of time I have with my sweet girl and deeply convicted by so many things that devastated me.

As I sat there weeping, I was surrounded with love, support, and encouragement and tears.
I left that morning feeling uplifted and with a concrete belief in a statement I heard twice that morning......
"You have everything in you to parent your child."
I have everything in me that I need to raise Denay.
I was totally overwhelmed at the caliber of mothers I was in the company of, not allowing me to believe the way I was feeling. Coming alongside me to fight against the lies I was being attacked with.
I left feeling empowered and loved and rooted in the knowledge that Denay is not just my child, she is a daughter of the King and I've got Him on my side.
Some of the moms at that meeting read my blog. You know who you are........thank you.
And to all you moms out there that have ever felt discouraged, oppressed, hopeless, angry, frustrated and like a total failure, know that you have everything in you that you need to parent your children.
If you are like me, sometimes it is an hourly battle (on those really rough days) to give all you have to your kids. And on those days that you feel like you don't have anything to give, never forget that you have a Father who can fill you to overflowing with everything you need.


Crystal said...

I am sending lots of love over the ocean to you today:)

susan said...

Christy, thanks for you honesty & being so "raw". I am so glad you have a support group to surround you physically, emotionally & spiritually. It is so important.

Parenting is tough - yes it is SO rewarding but I constantly feel like I am doing EVERYTHING wrong. I joke about how I am saving for the kids therapy instead of their education!!

Hang in there friend! Praying for you. And thanks again for sharing from your heart.


Meg Baxter said...

Thank you, Christy. This is my fear about getting pregnant with #2. I have been told the love of a mother is not split, it just grows. I guess it's hard to believe until it actually happens. :oS

Anonymous said...

We are all on this journey together little sister and your doing an amazing job !


Anonymous said...

We are all on this journey together little sister and your doing an amazing job !


Shawna said...

You are an amazing Mama to that little girl and to the little one that's still inside. But we Mama's need to gather around each other, be candid and remember to pray for daily strength and wisdom, being a Mom isn't as easy as it may seem!
xo, *S