Friday, April 2, 2010

{Big Girl Bed}

We had a pretty anticipated event take place around here last night. Back in summer, Trev's parents got Denay an extendable bed for her birthday. It's been sitting, badly needing a paint job, in our back shed waiting for me to get around for Denay to be ready to use it.
We hauled it out a just over a week ago and freshened it up with a coat of white. It took a little digging to figure out that the mattress Ikea makes for it's extendable beds was the wrong size. So a trip to the local foam shop got us a great mattress that arrived yesterday. Bedtime rolled around and Miss D* was all too ready to be in her "beeg gir bad" (big girl bed) with her "blah blah" (blankie) and "pilwoah" (pillow).
The transition was very smooth aside from a stuffy nose and a couple trips for a cuddle (which mommy doesn't mind at all). She's still also doing what she was when she was in her crib, waking up after we put her down but we got up this morning and she hadn't even gotten out of bed when she woke up to play.
Nap time was a little more complicated with her being able to see all her toys and how she can get out. We're so pleased we won't have to buy another crib for when the baby comes and relieved that Denay made this so easy on us!
It really, finally feel liks Denay's room is done, done, done!
Now, onto the baby's room......

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Joanne said...

Oh, what a big girlie! Can't hardly believe the time has gone SO fast! I think it's in a girl's DNA to appreciate change that feels like she's growing up....boys fight it all their lives. LOL