Monday, April 12, 2010

Parents Unite!

After our last visit to the mainland (during which I experienced my first swap meet) I promised myself I would make a point to attend the biggest one held here locally when it rolled around.
Saturday morning the three of us, my pockets filled with toonies and loonies, were up, fed, dressed and out of the the house to be there at 8:30 and were even fortunate enough to run into our good friends in the parking lot.
After less than an hour, we had 41 items.......

......and spent a total of only $47.

We definitely came home with a complete summer wardrobe for Denay plus a few pairs of jeans and an absolutely "dorable" (Miss D's word) Old Navy button down jacket for the fall (first collage, lower right corner) complete with embroidery and a funky patterned lining.. And the precious pink knit Mexx sweater dress beside it? Yeah, paid $1.50 and it's never been worn.

My SIL will be so proud to hear I even tried my hand at a little bartering and wasn't as terrible at it as I thought I would be.

I was very pleased to find out that the sale comes around again in then we'll have a newbie and if that newbie happens to be a boy we'll be able to save a bundle by going used on a wardrobe full of blue!

Again I stand, full of thankfulness for God's everyday provisions!


Shawna said...

WaHoooo!!! What CUTE stuff!!! My goodness...yes, and you did good my sister, $41 for $47 -- Very good deals! That GAP coat and Mexx dress are SO super cute and look at all those books, pony's, shorts and super cute tops & dresses! Way to go, you guys Rock and so does God for watching out for you!

Jason and Kristin said...

Wow you did great! All that stuff is so cute! I love swap meets for all the deals!

Amanda said...

Which swap meet did you go to?? I want to go in october!!!
Great finds Christy!!! Makena has that coat and I LOVE it on her. So cute and Miss D will look adorable in it!