Sunday, April 11, 2010

:: Our Week ::

For the past month and a bit our clothes have been coming out of the washer dirtier than when they went in. The clothes that were in direct contact with the drum during the final spin would be covered in oily spots in the pattern of the drum. If we didn't catch the stains before the clothes were dried, I have found it impossible to get them out no matter how long I soaked them or what detergent I used.
My dad came over on Monday to drop something off and somehow the issue came up and before I knew it, him and Trevor were stuffed in our tiny downstairs bathroom tearing the machine apart (for three hours).
Long story short, Trevor finally got everything back together on Saturday after a spending a good chunk of cash on a new part. Normally he can be a little impatient when it comes to home repair projects but he did so well and saved us all the money it would have cost to buy a new washer (which is what the parts guy originally told us to do). I have to say that I really missed having a washer for a week :) Thanks to my momma who let me do three loads at her place on Friday! After it seemed Trevor was totally finished with the washer on Saturday, I asked if he would have a look at my vacuum cleaner as it had been smelling like burning and was shorting out when I used it the day before. We popped the handle out of the wand and out popped a very fried prong.......bang-o, no more vacuum.
I started my research immediately and after dinner we were shopping. We found the unit we wanted at Canadian Tire but wanted to check out a couple more stores before we bought. We ended up at London Drugs and found what we wanted on the very top shelf with no price (of course). After hunting down an employee who hoisted the huge box off the shelf and checked the price, we were delighted (and frankly I thought the guy was teasing me) to find out that it was on sale for $75 less than the Canadian Tire price!
Thank you LORD!
We came home with a Hoover WindTunnel that was rated very well on Consumer Reports.
Even though we in no way wanted to spend a few hundred more dollars right before our big trip, we are so grateful for the small provision of an unexpected sale that saved us a little bit of money during an expensive week!
I know it's common for things to come in threes......I'm holding out that the third might be the sale of our queen bed set or winning the lottery......


Amega said...

Oh how I can relate! We recently purchased a new fridge after ours pittered out, but God totally provided for us in being able to get a new one... He is so good!

Shawna said...

Oy, but YAY for God, Dad & hubby coming through and YAY for deals!