Friday, May 14, 2010

:: The Baby Bump Chronicles - Halfway There ::

Yesterday marked week 20 of pregnancy number two!
We had a midwife visit yesterday and Denay was totally ecstatic to hear baby's "harped-eat" again (which stayed consistent in the 140's). I am measuring at 19 weeks and other than a pesky varicose vein, all is well!
:: Official 20 Week Pictures ::
Today we got to go for our ultrasound. Good day. The tech was so wonderful but unfortunately baby decided to hide a little bit and he wasn't able to get all the measurements and pictures so I'll probably have to back again in a few weeks. The heart rate was 137 and by the measurements he took I was right on cue at 20 weeks.
:: Our sweet, perfect baby (click to enlarge) ::
We are hoping between the two ultrasounds to be able to find out what we're having.
And we've also decided that if we do find out, that we're going to keep it a secret.
:: I am just loving having another baby gettin' all knit together in the inmost. It's got me really thinking.....about babies and our family. God has really begun to sow the seeds of desire for a large family. I treasure so deeply the wonder that is the way my Creator made me to carry and birth these gifts of children ::
I am loving feeling baby squirm and kick and can't wait for baby to get bigger and stronger so daddy and can feel too!
So there you go. All is well......
Love you baby!


Meg Baxter said...

Good luck with that! We knew from 20 weeks H was a girl and I slipped up SO MANY times. I had different groups of people who knew but who thought no one else knew, so they had to keep their moths shut, too. It was awful. Next time, if we find out, we'll tell everyone. If you can keep it mum, good on ya. I just thought it was too hard!

Joanne said...

So wonderful to see the pics of the newest family member....boy or will be well loved for sure! You are looking terrific.....oh, and just so you know...I'm all for the big family plan!

Crystal said...

Its funny, one of my bestest friends is preggers with number 2 as well and it seems that the wonder of baby number is almost more magical than pregnancy number 1 because we now know the AMAZING gift we get at the end!! my point being, it makes me excited to be pregnant again some day...barfing and all, I do look forward to doing it, because i now know its all worth it! And waht I am really trying to say here is that I am SO glad that you are loving every moment of neat to hear about!!

Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Holy HALFWAY Christy!!! I swear you just said you were pregnant again-wow time flies! Like you were saying in your post above-I never knew it could be possible to love something SO much. Everyday I look at Penny and think, wow, this is the most love I could possibly posses for anything...and then the next day there is even more. When this next one comes for you you are going to be, well a love MACHINE! THinking about you lots Christy and hoping you are feeling great!